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Artist: Jess Johnson
Summary: Matryoshka Dolls, Clones, Mechanics of a planetary clock, Hourglass, Ant Farm
Created on: Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED

Jess Johnson quotes

    I took my ASUS ZenBook Duo on a three-month road trip around the US and used it to work from the road the entire time. The ScreenPad Plus allows me to organize toolbars, colour palettes, and peruse reference images while maximizing the potential of the main 4K screen for what I’m actually working on. The Core i9 processor and dedicated Nvidia graphics card mean that I can have the power and speed of a desktop PC while working from a car, cafe, or any other temporary workspace.

    The ZenBook’s portability suits my lifestyle as I am often traveling for artist residencies and exhibitions, and moving between studios. Having the ASUS ZenBook Duo is like being able to bring my studio with me wherever I’m going. 

    As an artist, having dual touch screens with an accurate stylus makes so many tasks so much easier, such as cutting out elements of my drawings to be used as textures and skins for 3D assets or outlining areas for recolouring. I now prefer to use my ASUS ZenBook for tasks such as these over my desktop PC.

    Having a high definition touch screen on a high-powered laptop is a luxury that now feels like a necessity! My ASUS ZenBook Duo allows me to zoom in and work on super fine details in my artwork without any lag or loss of resolution.


    Simon tips and tricks

    • With the ScreenPad Plus being a touch screen, it’s incredible for your own custom sliders or dials to control programs on the main screen.  You can use the ones built in for the Adobe suite or create your own sliders in programs like Blender.  It’s also the perfect size for a timeline in time based applications.
    • Following along with YouTube tutorials on a one screen computer is pretty cumbersome but with the extra screen on the ZenBook Pro Duo it’s a breeze.
    • Live streaming is a lot easier with the ZenBook Pro Duo.  You can screencast on the main screen while having a camera or chat feed live on the ScreenPad Plus …. great for Twitch/YouTube streams or video conference calls.
    • The pen and touch capability on the ScreenPad Plus makes it an excellent notepad.  I can have an up to date, digital to-do list right in front of me all the time, wherever I work.
    • I really can’t say enough about how great it is to have a second screen on a laptop … just to have my music playlist right there on the ScreenPad Plus, without having to switch windows on my main screen, is so convenient.
    • In the past I’ve had to take bulky, rendering computers on the road when travelling to galleries or residencies. With such a high performance dedicated graphics card in the Zenbook Pro Duo, all I need is my laptop.
    • Having a number pad on a laptop is incredible.  It’s a rare and very specific feature for Blender users … and the way it’s integrated into the trackpad means the laptop isn’t overly huge in size.