Unlocked Gateway by Casey Tumbers

Unlocked Gateway

Artist: Casey Tumbers
Profession: Software Developer
Summary:  I have always had an interest in art and other creative hobbies. It’s always be an avenue to let my creative side flow, whether it’s putting videos together, creating digital art, writing or even putting pencil to paper. Recently I have been wanting to expand and improve my skills in areas such as drawing and 3d modelling and find competitions like these a great way to challenge myself and really explore my interests.
For this artwork I was inspired by the mentors tutorial videos with UV wrapping drawings on 3d objects, which led me to creating the blue ring that acts as a portal to another world. I initially just want to make the ring and from there I was able to build upon that first creation. I pulled the blue “strings” from the studio blender scene, originally they were orange but just had to adjust the colour to my liking, and then thought to use these as if they were seeping from the portal/gateway. Of course I wanted a space setting since I always enjoy the sci-fi aesthetic.
I found this challenge… well a challenge, and was really pleased I came out of it learning some things. 🙂