Space Jam sketch by Andrei C Marinelli

Space Jam

Artist: Andrei C. Marinelli
Profession: Student
Summary:  Hi, I’m Andrei, i am an italian marketing student.
Creativity has always been something i’ve tried to improve and in which i identify myself.
I think that “create” means to express yourself and to leave something that can inspire others.
The piece i’ve decided to apply resume the process of creation, i’ve got ispired by all the sources.
The space female figure rapresentes the ispiring soul we have inside, moreovr i’ve added some elements and figures from the sources wich stands for the creativity in act. I have leaved the composition with different layers coesisting, as the head figure opening, i want to rapresent the inside of a piece, with parts wich are sketchy and others more refined, depicting the drawing process.