Progression by Ellie English


Artist: Ellie English
Profession: Student Advisor
Summary:  Kia Ora! I’m Ellie English and this is my creative story.
Throughout my life, I have always been drawn to the creative. My ideas, my doodles, and creative writing always pulled me back into this world of art and story-telling.
In high school, I finally got to do my first graphic art class. Oh, how I loved it! I used to work throughout my morning tea and lunch breaks, creating and inventing new pieces for assignments.
But I never quite made it – yet I persisted. In my creative pursuit, I lead with passion.
This piece is a reflection of my creative journey to date.
What you see is a constant work in progress. All the failed attempts, the ideas that work, and moving beyond criticism to places of positivity, light, and growth.

As a creative, failing is part of the process and I continue to pursue progression, to continue learning, and growing.
I wanted this piece to reflect the constant struggles that creatives face and that feeling of having this insurmountable challenge as well as societal resistance, that I have often felt as a creative.
Yet I continue, fuelled by passion and focusing on a bigger vision.
Failure is a part of life, but it is learning to accept that and still pursue your hobbies and passions, that’s what keeps us going!
Every single element of this piece was pulled from the work of Jess Johnson. Thank you so much for letting me use your art and adapt your work as the starting point of my own piece.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to reflect on my art.