NINETIES-STEREOgram by Sophia Mason


Artist: Sophia Mason
Profession: Enthusiastic Hobbyist
Summary:  One scorching hot summer, my favourite aunt gave me a hardcover book of Magic Eye pictures. On the surface, each page looked like random static, but if you looked beneath the surface, 3D images would come into focus.

I escaped the heat that year by laying down on the kitchen floor. The cool tiles pressed against my belly as I peered and squinted at my new book. Finally, it clicked. I could see the hidden 3D art! I immediately tried to share the magic with everyone I knew. Naturally, some people were more impressed than others. Still, I wanted to create my own; a challenge that was sadly not possible to complete at the time.

Recently, I stumbled across the ASUS Creator Xchange. Something about mentor Serwah Attafuah’s “Catacombs of Consciousness” artwork resonated with me. I adore the way the android is dipping her toes into the endless sea of creativity.

I delved into the source files, and something about the tiling on the water element reminded me of that Magic Eye book from all those years ago. I saw an opportunity to reignite some of the magic from my childhood. Thus, I was inspired to create this 90’s retro style autostereogram.