Meeting of Oshun and Kali Prat Talegaonkar by Pratika Talegaonkar

Meeting of Oshun and Kali Prat Talegaonkar

Artist: Pratika Talegaonkar
Profession: Digital Creator
Summary:  I am an aspiring multidisciplinary artist currently exploring the world of 3D/digital art.

My inspiration for my art comes from my experience as a woman of colour growing up in Australia. I was born in Mumbai, lived in Abu Dhabi and migrated to Melbourne with my family when I was 13. Since then, I have created art mostly using oil paints and charcoal, focusing mainly on my identity and my experience as an Indian-Australian.

For this Challenge, I chose to use the source file by Serwah Attafua as I relate deeply with her work and style, especially her take on Afrofuturism and her identity in the Metaverse.I believe we are heading towards a future where digital identities and blockchain technology will become a norm and I am truly fascinated by the unlimited creative potential of what that world might look like, how we could experience it and maybe even live in it!

So looking forward in anticipation of this future, I decided to create a piece called ‘Meeting of Oshun and Kali’ where I created a 3D meeting place for reinterpreted deities from ancient Yorùbá and Hindu beliefs.

Growing up in a family with a Hindu background, I was raised with stories and myths of Hindu gods. One of my favorites is Goddess Kali, who is considered to be the master of death, time and change and a supreme destroyer of evil. She has deep blue skin, multiple arms and carries various weapons and items that have specific meaning. But to this meeting with the Yorùbá goddess Oshun, she decided to wear a classic gold crown, hold a blue lotus symbolising spiritual enlightenment and a conch shell representing the ocean and the divine design of creation (fibonacci sequence).

I interpreted Serwah’s character as Oshun, an important river deity among the Yorùbá people and is considered a goddess of divinity, femininity and love. To her meeting with Kali, she wears a long multi-spiked gold crown with seashell sequin veil and carries a gold hand fan ornate with the colors of a peacock, symbolising beauty.

Together, Oshun and Kali meet on glimmering space rocks embedded in the sweetwater river and have a great time chilling and talking about other gods in their realm.

To sum up my creative journey so far, I have worked a corporate life as an Urban Designer for 10 years and learnt that I wanted to truly give myself the time to develop as an artist so I can take my ideas and visions to the next level as a digital creator. So last year, I decided to quit my job to take on this creative journey. Currently I am working on developing my design skills and freelancing on the side. My goal is to fully devote my time and energy towards pursuing my passion as a fulltime digital creator/visual artist.

Currently, I am in desperate need of advanced equipment to assist with the development of work and eventually help make my dream come true. After multiple laptop crashes and bug fixes, I managed to pump out a render good enough to submit to this competition. I hope you like it 🙂

Lastly, I would like to thank ASUS and the artists for the opportunity to participate and showcase my passion and my work through your platform. Seeing Serwah’s work has truly inspired me to push myself in my pursuit of developing my own art and workflow.

Instagram – @lotusladyfinger